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Jazz dance is a form of dance that originates from both African and European dance styles. Jazz dance improves rhythm, musicality, and isolations. Jazz dance is a mix of fast movements and strong technical skills to upbeat music.

Dancers need to wear form-fitting clothing and black jazz shoes.


Contemporary is a style of expressive dance that combines several dance genres including jazz, lyrical, modern, and ballet. Contemporary dancers strive to connect the mind and body through intricate movements. Contemporary strengthens isolations, musicality, and control.

Dancers need to wear form-fitting clothing with hair pulled back and bare feet.


Hip-hop originated in the Bronx in 1973 and includes popping and fast dance movements to upbeat music. Hip-hop strengthens musicality, coordination, and rhythm.

Dancers need to wear loose clothes and sneakers.


Acro varies from forward rolls to aerials. Students will learn a variety of skills including chin stands, back walkovers, and more. Acro improves strength, flexibility, and endurance. Acro class significantly improves core strength and coordination.

Dancers need to wear form-fitting clothing with hair pulled back.


Improv is your body’s natural reaction to music. Improv strengthens individuality, creativity, and choreography. This class is meant for dancers to find themselves and create who they want to be as a dancer.

Dancers need to wear form-fitting clothing with hair pulled back and bare feet.


Choreo class is where dancers learn how to choreograph their dances. This class will teach dancers how to pick up on rhythms, style, and how to incorporate their creativity. This class strengthens memory, confidence, and individuality.

Dancers need to wear form-fitting clothing with hair pulled back.


Ballet is the foundation of all dance. Ballet includes several barre exercises, across the floor exercises, and different progressions of adagio. Ballet strengthens balance, control, and grace. Ballet is mandatory for all competition dancers.

Dancers should wear leotards, tights, and ballet slippers.


Stretching is vital for any dancer and this class will focus on stretching to gain flexibility in the body with an emphasis on the legs and back. Stretching helps a dancer with their turns, leaps, jumps, and overall technique, and is essential for any dancer looking to compete.

Dancers will need to wear form-fitting clothing and hair pulled back.


Dancers taking tap will explore how to make intricate sounds and rhythms with their feet! This class will focus on basic tap techniques and vocabulary to create crisp and clean sounds. Dancers will explore the styles of rhythm and broadway tap and will learn more advanced tap skills as they progress through the class.

Tap will require form-fitting bottoms such as leggings or spandex shorts and dancers may wear a top of their choosing with hair pulled back.

Musical Theater

Our musical theater class is similar to our jazz, but with an emphasis on musicality, face and body performance, and acting while dancing. Students will learn original broadway dance combinations as well as original choreography from our teachers to your favorite broadway songs, all while learning how to portray a character on stage. Acting drills and exercises will also be implemented to help dancers with their character development on stage.

Dancers will need to wear form-fitting clothing including a leotard and tights and may wear bottoms such as spandex shorts or a skirt with hair pulled back.


Students with a strong ballet foundation and who are enrolled in ballet technique classes are welcome to continue their ballet training with pre-pointe. This class will focus on strengthening the ankles and lower body to prepare dancers to eventually go on pointe. This class will include dancers working outside of class doing ankle strengthening and core exercises to ensure that the dancer does not go on pointe unprepared.

Dancers will adhere to the ballet dress code for pre-pointe.


A type of folk dance in which the dancer’s footwear is used percussively by striking the heel, the toe, or both against the floor to create audible rhythms, usually to the downbeat with the heel keeping the rhythm. Dancers will learn technical clogging terms as they progress in the class.

Dancers will need to wear loose fitting clothing and white clogging shoes.

Turns/ Leaps

Dancers will learn the basics of turning while slowly progressing into more advanced turns and turn combinations. In this class, dancers will also be learning different leaps and how to improve height and flexibility in leaps. Dancers will learn a variety of skills in this class.

Dancers will need to wear form-fitting clothing with hair pulled back.

come find your joy

Weekly Glance


4:00- 4:45: Ages 3-4 | Recreational Ballet/Tap

4:45- 5:30: Company Hiphop

5:30- 6:45: Company Ballet

6:45- 7:30: Company Musical Theatre

7:30- 8:15: Company Jazz

8:15- 9:00: Ages 11+ | Recreational Improv


4:00- 4:45: Ages 7-10 | Recreational Ballet

4:45- 5:30: Ages 7-10 | Recreational Jazz

5:30- 6:15: Ages 7-10 | Recreational Hiphop

6:15- 7:00: Ages 7-10 | Mini Company Hip-Hop

7:00- 7:45: Recreational Acro

7:45- 8:30: Ages 11+ | Recreational Jazz

8:30- 9:15: Ages 11+ | Recreational Hiphop


4:00- 4:45: Ages 5-6 | Ballet/ Jazz

4:45- 5:30: Company Tap

5:30- 6:15: Company Contemporary

6:15- 7:00: Ages 11+ | Recreational Contemporary

7:00- 7:45: Ages 11+ | Recreational Ballet

7:45- 8:30: 11+ | Recreational Pre-Pointe

8:30- 9:15: 11+ | Recreational Choreo


4:00- 4:45: Ages 7-10 | Recreational Tap

4:45- 5:30: Ages 7-10 | Mini Company Tap

5:30- 6:15: Ages 7-10 | Mini Company Jazz

6:15- 7:00: Ages 11+ | Recreational Tap

7:00- 7:45: Ages 11+ | Recreational Musical Theatre

7:45- 8:30: 11+ | Recreational Turns/ Leaps

8:30- 9:15: 11+ | Recreational Stretch


10:00-10:45: Ages 18+ | Adult Hip-Hop


16 Rec. Classes

  • 3-4 ballet/tap
  • 5-6 ballet/jazz
  • 7-10 jazz
  • 7-10 tap
  • 7-10 ballet
  • 11+ jazz
  • 11+ contemporary
  • 11+ ballet
  • 11+ hip-hop
  • 11+ tap
  • 11+ musical theatre
  • 11+ pre-pointe
  • 11+ improv class
  • 11+ choreo class
  • 11+ stretch class
  • 11+ acro     

6 Comp. Classes

  • jazz
  • contemporary
  • ballet
  • hip-hop
  • tap
  • musical theatre   

The Benefits of Dance

We believe in fostering a passion for dance while sustaining quality of mental health and strong technical skills among dancers while also recognizing that each dancer is unique in their artistry and allow for creative freedom to ensue.

better social skills
greater self confidence
improved mental health
better coordination

Highlighting Our Dancers